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Classroom Lecture

Classroom Enrichment Grants

Moore Public Schools Foundation is proud to Enhance, Enrich, and Expand classrooms across the Moore Public School District through our Classroom Enrichment Grant Program. Each fall, thousands of dollars are invested in resources, programs, materials, opportunities, and other projects submitted by MPS Educators. 

Site Enrichment Grants

Moore Public Schools Foundation is profoundly committed to our mission to enhance, enrich, and expand students' educational experiences. Our Site Enrichment Grant Program serves as a conduit for MPS administrators to harness creativity, innovation, and educational vision in empowering our students. 

School Corridor
Doing Homework

Thursday Folders 

Each year, the Foundation provides the "Thursday Folder" to all 15,000 elementary students. These folders are a unique way for businesses to be seen by thousands of families across the district weekly as well as sponsor the Foundation. 

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