About Us

about us



The mission of the Moore Public Schools Foundation for Academic Excellence is to enhance, expand, and enrich students' educational experiences through private donations and gifts.

Our History

Academic excellence has always been the focus of the Moore Public Schools. In 1995, a group of thirty community leaders comprising a cross section of the community, established the Moore Public Schools Foundation for Academic Excellence. The foundation is a non profit, tax exempt organization. The Foundation members are dedicated to the belief that public education can be endowed in the same spirit as higher education, expressed through broad based local community support.

Our Support

Support of the School System

The Foundation's support for the school system comes predominantly in the form of grants awarded to innovative teachers. Every teacher in the Moore system is eligible to submit grant proposals. Such proposals are reviewed for their proposed curriculum enriching properties, and as many as funds allow are selected to receive stipends. Awarded grant funds may be used for:

  • Materials and supplies
  • Specialized non-funded equipment
  • Visiting instructors or speakers
  • Field trips
  • Academic fairs
  • Supplemental programs
  • Other educational experiences

Foundation members believe that teacher grants help turn good ideas into better educational opportunities for our children.



enhance academic excellence

We strive to assist in ways that help enhance academic excellence in the Moore schools by providing funding not available through public sources.


support the school disctrict

We work to better inform the community about strengths and innovative programs of public schools while helping build public confidence in the schools system.


bring the community to the district

We focus on encouraging community and business involvement in the public schools in a positive and supportive manner to include financial support.

Our Board


  • President - Mandy Kincannon
  • Vice President - David Burton
  • Secretary - Jenny Statler
  • Treasurer - Amy Smoot
  • Immediate Past President - Philip Wong

Administrative Staff

Ex-Officio Members


  • Jason Hawkins
  • Dustin Hellams
  • Eliot Yaffee
  • Dr. Kristi Scroggins
  • Cassie Spindle
  • Jeanette Capshaw
  • Dr. Nicole Dodson
  • Andrea Drake
  • Cylinda Richardson-Martin
  • Whitney Decker